David A. Caplan, CPA, MBA - Certified Public Accountant

Q & A

In this section, I will present questions that I have been asked by clients and others, and the answers which I feel are correct (kind of an homage to Dear Abby).

NOTE: If you have any questions which you would like me to answer, please drop me a line.

What I Have Learned In Business

I've been in business for a while now, and I thought I should impart some wisdom unto others. Think of this as learning from my mistakes:

  • No matter how many business cards you print, some piece of information will change before you use them up.
  • Pens never run out of ink. They get lost first.
  • You will feel an urgent need to use the bathroom exactly two minutes into a phone call with your most important client.
  • Caller ID is invaluable.
  • Do not trifle with a paper shredder.
  • Papers that are thrown into a wastebasket become important one hour after the trash has been collected.
  • The probability of a major computer malfunction increases proportionately to the number of minutes since your last save.
  • Do not assume that the mute button on your speakerphone works.
  • Bankers do not have a sense of humor when it comes to financial statements.
  • The only thing better than working for yourself is not having to work at all.
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